its been almost 3 weeks since i bought my Bullet…and in these 21 days, have realised that a Bullet and a woman have many things in common 😉

The first morning after i bought her, she just refused to start…Tried the choke…pressure calibration…endless kicking for 15 minutes…but she just refused to roar…Quite akin to a first date…

I almost gave up and went to look for an auto…However, it was my lucky day, as despite an offer of 50 bucks, the only auto that stopped refused to take me to office.

Called up the ex-owner, and after following ‘proper’ instructions managed to get her to start. A full half and half a litre of pespiration later…just thinking of that day tires me…whew…

Its been progressively better since then…(though am not sure if this applies to all women in general)

It now takes me about a minute to 2 mins to start her….and here is where my analogy to women comes from 🙂

Starting a bullet requires gentle persuation…Not ruffian kicking.

You first pull the choke…depress the pressure switch and kick it gently for 5-10 times…Then u switch off the choke, level the pressure and gently kick the starter…and your baby is purring away sweetly 🙂

god help you if you lose your patience and start kicking it wildly…instead of it starting, you are most likely to come away with a fractured ankle…

So even though it may be a 350cc beast…patience and gentle behaviour are the key words…more or less the same things that you need to handle almost any woman 🙂

P.S: Ladies, have a laugh and hope the men will get the message 🙂