A few weeks ago, I had gone to the office of a pretty prominent politician in New Delhi with a friend. He was there to discuss some work with them and I had tagged along just for the heck of it.
While we were waiting, another regular looking gentleman in a plain white shirt and black trousers entered the room. He was introduced to us briefly but I didnt quite catch his name and designation.
Soon after, we went out for a smoke break while my friend hung around to talk to him.
10 minutes later, my friend comes back beaming. It seems he had succeeded in getting electricity to a remote village in one of the larger states in India.
Turns out, the non descript gentleman was a Member of Parliament and the village in question fell under his constituency. My friend had visited this village sometime back on some work and had been very warmly welcomed by the local residents. On finding out that the village did not have any electricity, he had it in the back of his head that he would do something, someday to ensure that the village got electricity.
Who knew that a chance encounter could trigger such a change πŸ™‚ and it really opened my eyes to the power of politics and the potential it has to change our world. (Of course I still need to wait Β to see if the said gentleman keeps his promise)
I also realized that ‘politics’ is not all that bad. While there maybe a few rotten apples from the old guard, there is a fresh new breed of politicians on the ground who are working to bring about incremental change. They are young, smart, well educated and are slowly but surely changing the face of politics while doing good work.
Now if only they did a better job of communicating their achievements to a wider audience, it might encourage more people to join politics along with promising hope for a better future for India.
I sure am excited to be back πŸ™‚

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