What is the Peter Principle ?
Its basic thesis is that workers in an organization are promoted to their highest level of competence, after which they become incompetent, thus resulting in work being done by those who are yet to reach their level of incompetence. More about it here
Just realizing how true it is !
The larger a company gets, the more the problem get exacerbated…
How do you motivate such employees ?
How do you ensure they are productive ?
How do you ensure that they dont mess up the people below them ?
Most importantly,how do you find the “Peter’s” in your company ?
While there maybe no simple answers for a company, as an individual, its important to understand and be self aware, to constantly evaluate if you have already turned into ‘Peter’…or are on your way to becoming a ‘Peter’…
Coz if you have, its time to hit the road 🙂