Abundance was written by Peter Diamandis and Steven Kotler around a decade ago. It must have sounded almost like science fiction at that time.

I think it’s especially relevant in today’s day and age when global warming, pollution, water scarcity and other issues have become more prominent and general pessimism seems to be on the rise.

The basic premise of this book is Optimism and the authors believe that we are living in historic times and the coming decades will usher in an age of Abundance for the human race leaving people to do more creative and productive work instead of just striving to survive.

And it seems to be true too – Innovation and technology have

  • Improved the lives of people
  • The Internet is almost a utility now, breaking down communication and information barriers
  • Food Production is on the rise ( though income inequality still deprives a lot of people of it )
  • Clean Energy is becoming sustainable
  • etc etc

The book also has a fascinating account of the X Prize as an example of how to get small teams across the world to innovate on an exponential scale and find problems to solutions which many may have ignored in the past.

Abundance is Definitely worth reading if you want to get out of ‘The world is ending’ gloom and funk.

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