Flow by Mihaly Csikszentmihalyi

Flow isn’t an easy to read book. However, it’s a book almost everyone should read.

It attempts to answer a set of questions which a lot of us struggle to answer: “How to be Happy ?” or “What makes me Happy ?” or “What do I want to do in Life?”

No, it does not offer quick fix solutions on what you should do like a million other self help books.

What it does do very well is explain how things actually work e.g. “How doing something well makes us happy during the process instead of after finishing it” or

‘Why we feel happy looking at a painting or listening to great music’ or ‘Why some people train so hard for marathons and the joy they feel in the pain.’

Flow makes you look inwards and helps you discover who you truly are.

Like I said earlier, it’s not an easy book to read, but if you persevere and complete it, and understand the stuff talked about in the book, you will probably recommend it to everyone you care about around you.

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